Type Ratings and Advanced

We provide a variety of type ratings and advanced training options for those pilots already holding PPL(H) certification and who want to fly other aircraft or enhance their skills.

Type Ratings:

Kuki Helicopters are approved to carry out type ratings on a range of helicopter types including:

  • Robinson R22
  • Robinson R44
  • Bell 206B
  • MD500


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Advanced Training:

Our advanced training options will enhance your flying skills and could provide a whole new career direction:

  • Commercial Pilot Licence CPL(H)
  • Flight Instructor Rating FI(H)
  • Night (VFR) Rating
  • Instrument (IFR) Rating
  • Advanced Ground School Courses
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Our type ratings and advanced flying courses open up brand new experiences and opportunities whilst providing new challenges and the chance to fly different types of helicopters.

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