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Joe Joins the Helicopter Pilot Family

Congratulations to Joe Harper who passed his test on July 11th. Joe started flight training with Kuki in Summer 2016, Simon and Matt taught Joe in R44 and they always had a great time together.
We are so pleased and proud of him. Joes’ Pilot Licence will be issued soon and we look forward to see him taking his family and friends to the skies.

Calvin and James go Solo

Two of our great students Calvin Smith and James Dawson flew their first solo on Sunday July 9th in our R22. Amazing Achievement!!! Congrats to both of you and PPL(H) Next!

Charlotte Renews her PPL(H)

Congratulations to Charlotte Langley who renewed her Longranger and R22 PPL(H) with us on July 6th. Charlotte, passed her initial licence with Kuki in 2011, after being trained by Simon. She is not only a great pilot but a good friend of ours. Great to see her flying!

Kuki Help BIG JOHN from Hallam FM

Big John gets dumped in a field blindfolded…… So how did he get back to Hallam FM?

It was time for Big John to take his orienteering test this week and Kuki Helicopters were there to rescue him.

From the air, in a Kuki R44, Big John had to navigate his way back to Hallam FM in Sheffield.

Simon is an old friend of Hallam FM’s Big John @ Breakfast Show and has helped on many occasions with charity events and flights for Cash For Kids and Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice.

If you missed it … click on the link below and find out what it’s all about!


Kuki Summer BBQ 2017

On Saturday 17th June at Kuki Helicopters we had our Summer BBQ. Perfect weather made it a great event and it was great to see old friends and meet new ones. Thank you to those who flew in or brought their bikes.

The food was amazing thanks to Joe Harper from The King William Inn at Scaftworth.

Simon Nicholls did an impressive flying display in the MD500E helicopter and Gerald Cooper in his Xtreme Air aerobatic plane. Both displays were breathtaking, showing the beauty of flying and the expert skills of both pilots.

We have plans for more social events, including evening fly-ins and bike nights. We will keep you posted!

Kuki Family Welcomes Two New Students

Brothers Andrew and Stephen Price have joined the Kuki family as new students.

Both already have huge passion for flying as experienced sky divers and want to broaden their horizons with the new adventure of becoming helicopter pilots.

Welcome aboard Andrew & Stephen, great to have you both flying with us.



Kuki Crew Head to the Isle of Man TT 2017

Two R44s launched from Kuki HQ on June 10th to the Isle of Man,  Simon flying G-GRZZ and Matt Peach / Lee Denton flying G-CFNF. Both helicopters were flying in formation the entire journey.

Great weather allowed for smooth flights and excellent motorcycle racing viewing.

Congratulations to our friends at Norton Motorcycles, both riders took 6th and 7th place respectively in the Senior TT on the Norton SG6 race bikes.

We can’t wait for next year!

Russ Passes his PPL(H)

Congratulations to Russell Andrew for passing his PPL(H) last Wednesday!

Russ began training with Kuki in an R44 last Summer and after a short break at Christmas got back into his regular lessons and went full swing over the last couple of months.

Simon Nicholls said – “Russ has been a great student, always smiling and laughing. It has been a pleasure teaching him and we’re looking forward to seeing him flying around with his family this Summer”.

Mark Renews his PPL(H)

Congratulations to Mark Addison for renewing his PPL last Wednesday!

Mark is an old friend of Kuki; passing his licence with us in 2008 and then owning an R22.

After a few years flying her, he sold it and now flies one of our R44’s whilst continuing to build his business.

Simon Nicholls said – “Mark is a great guy, loyal customer of Kuki and friend that works very hard, flies helicopters and rides cool bikes – the perfect Kuki Member”.

Ready for Summer with our new R44’s

We’re thrilled to announce the arrival of these two beauties to the Kuki fleet. As most of you know, we were hiring an R44 after ours was blown over in a freak storm last November. It meant our students could still continue their flight training, but of course we were eager to get our own R44 back at HQ.

And here they are, not one but two amazing Robinson R44 Raven II’s.

These stunning helicopters are now available in our hangar ready for the Summer and our customers.

G-CFNF is black with gold trim and G-GRZZ is black with silver trim.

Come down, have a go and see how they fly. Book a trial lesson, enquire about type-rating from R22 or other to R44 or book some time in for self-fly hire.

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