Gift of Flight

Give a Kuki gift of flight voucher as the most unique and perfect surprise for any celebration.

The Most Unique Gift

Whether you are buying a gift for someone special or simply treating yourself, a Kuki flight voucher is the perfect answer We have a solution for every budget and regardless of which you choose, your gift will also include:

  • A detailed insight in to flight centre and operations here at Kuki.
  • A flight briefing, introducing the helicopter or airplane controls and safety precautions.
  • An opportunity (if you wish) to take the controls for yourself.

To make an enquiry or purchase a voucher online, please click the link below: Voucher Enquiry Email to Kuki

Voucher Choices:

  • 15 mins in a Cessna 152 plane – £69
  • 30 mins in a Cessna 152 plane – £115
  • 60 mins in a Cessna 152 plane – £205
  • 15 minutes in an R22 heli – £105
  • 30 minutes in an R22 heli – £165
  • 60 minutes in an R22 heli  – £300
  • 15 minutes in an R44 heli – £165
  • 30 minutes in an R44 heli – £280
  • 60 minutes in an R44 heli – £505

 Our voucher time is an actual time that the person spends in an aircraft with the instructor.

We can also offer a bespoke gift voucher to meet your own unique requirements. Just give us a call or send click enquire and we will get right back to you.  

Kuki gift vouchers make the perfect gift for every occasion.....

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