Hover Course

Master one of the most challenging aspects of helicopter flight

The Kuki Hover Course

For some, learning to hover a helicopter is easy and straightforward. For most, it’s possibly the most difficult physical skill you will ever master. For everyone, it’s fun and a skill that lasts a lifetime once mastered.

At Kuki, we have an introductory 2 hours course that’s perfect for all prospective helicopter pilots, or can be an exhilarating introduction to flying and perhaps the ultimate test of your own ability.

Your hover course will start as always with a briefing before heading out to the helicopter to start up. Your pilot will then fly you over to our hover area to begin showing you the controls and effects they have on the helicopter.

Your pilot will then ease you in to the skill, firstly allowing you to take control of the pedals, then the collective and then the cyclic.

Once you know how each works, we will ease you in to using two of the three and then all three together, when you’ll truly be developing the skills needed to hover a helicopter.

As always with Kuki, safety takes priority and you can be confident in the knowledge that we have a 100% safety record.


Hover a Robinson R22

  • 2 hours flying
  • Full insurance included
  • Flight briefing introducing the helicopter controls
  • A full safety briefing –  we have a 100% safety record at Kuki
  • Time flown counts towards training hours
  • Debrief after the lesson with full Q&A session
  • A Certificate of Achievement of your first hover lesson
  • Photo’s and video’s for you to relive parts of the course
  • Use of Kuki VIP lounge facilities included for the day of the course
  • Invite friends & family along to watch or take part
  • £495 inc VAT


Go on, test yourself, take a Kuki hover course and master a skill.

Have a look at our “Latest News” page to see more about “Kuki Life”, the things we get up to and more about pilots in training and recently qualified.

"The most testing, exhilarating, challenging and fun activity you might ever try. . . . ."

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