Feelings encountered on the way to my PPL(H)

It started at present, but an experience gift and led to an obsession, and from the moment I first set foot at Kuki Helicopters and was introduced to the team i realised this would not be a one-off…

Flying a Helicopter is equivalent to being in control of a three dimensional living machine, its effected by the elements and appears to defy nature in its very ability to levitate. I can honestly say learning to fly has been the most memorable and satisfying journey that I can remember.

Kuki guided me through every step from learning to hover,my first solo trip to then go on and pass my PPL (H) test.

I’m not the best pupil, and I’m certainly not academic but the tuition i received was first class. It’s far easier to learn a skill if you have respect for the instructor and their ability that’s demonstrated time and time again. As the difficulty increased, so did their patience, and the effortless manner with which they demonstrated  manoeuvre after manoeuvre until I in turn could complete in.

The trepidation and fear has now gone and been replaced with a sense of achievement and a healthy respect for the helicopter and the elements. I could not have achieved this without the patience and knowledge provided by the Kuki team. To anyone thinking about completing a PPL (H) i would say go to Kuki and learn from the friendliest helicopter school out there.

Once you have turned the key and brought on the noise, just wait for the obsession to begin! Enjoy your journey…

Written by Sean Tucker

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