Mark DArcy-Burt’s Kuki Experience

I’ve had a dream of becoming a pilot for as long as I can remember but never thought I could actually be one until a few years ago. After serving 10 years in the Royal Navy I found myself unhappy in my career and decided it was time for a change…

I wanted to do something that I was passionate about and decide to take the plunge an start my training to become an airline pilot. I Started my fixed wing training at RAF Waddington but soon realised that my heart lay with rotors not propellers,that’s when I found Kuki.

They were local, offered quality training at competitive prices and were very approachable and friendly.

Simon gave me a detailed training programme with costs that enabled me to plan and budget accordingly. I had a great trial lesson with Chris Manning which spurred me on to complete my PPL with him,taking just over 4 months to complete.

I then went on to hour build for my CPL and do my R44 type rating. Once I passed all of the CPL (H) theory exams and achieved the required flying hours Kuki then sent me to Helicopter Services at Wycombe to start my CPL(H) practical course and night rating. I passed in June this year and am now a fully fledged Commercial Helicopter Pilot.

I currently work as an ops controller for Bristow Helicopters at Humberside Airport where I’m not only utilising my knowledge learnt on the CPL course but gaining valuable experience in North Sea IFR operations.

My next step is to gain my instructor and Jet Ranger type ratings and start teaching new pilots which is exactly what Kuki successfully taught me!

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