My Dream to learn to fly

Since I was a little boy I’ve always had a fascination with planes and helicopters, especially since my dad flew in the RAF. I often dreamt of one day becoming a pilot, but this was discounted as i grew up  – dismissing it as a pipe dream. But, about 3 years ago a mutual friend of Simon and I were talking and he told me about him and his company Kuki Helicopters…

I visited Kuki, had a chat with Simon and came away with all the info i required on timings, costs and facts about the PPL (H). What I liked about Kuki straight away was the informal and easy going approach – unlike some of the other flying schools that I took a look at.

Funds did not permit at that time, and it was another year before I was in a postition to take my first lesson with Chris in the R22. It was great, but in those early hours I was left feeling that I would never get the hang of it! however, alongside Chris and his calm teaching’s I was soon completing circuits on my own.

Since passing my initial PPL (H)  i have gained experience flying around the local area and taking friends and family various places. I chose to do the R44 Conversion so that I had the flexibility of being able to take more passengers and be able to fly further afield. I now plan to start my commercial exams and do some hour building,god knows how I can afford it but if your determined enough you’ll make it happen.

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