The Kuki Way to do a weekend away!!

I would just like to take a few minutes to thank all of the staff at Kuki for the excellent service and friendly attitude they have provided.

Over the last three weekends away Rachel has been a first class point of contact for booking the venues, often calling me several times a day to confirm all details of the booking,arrival times, where to land etc. On the day of our trip the Helicopter is fully valeted,A checked courtesy of Kuki’s CFI and full fuel for our journey. It is all so easy a walk round inspection,fill in data sheets,set the  gps and off to the Hotel to relax and enjoy.

On landing at our chosen venue we are meeted and greeted by the Hotel Staff coutesy of the affiliation to Kuki Helciopters so the service continues even on arrival…..

We are in the process of planning our next weekend away and would recommend Kuki Helicopter’s to everyone whether you are self Flying or being flown by one of their experienced pilots this is truly an exceptional service.

Gamston Airport, Retford
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Sat, Feb 17th
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Sun, Feb 18th
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Mon, Feb 19th
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Tue, Feb 20th
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