The Price of Flight

Take to the skies from just £69

Kuki Membership

Kuki membership is an integral part of your any flight training course with Kuki annual membership payment includes unlimited landings (landing fees for an R22 and R44 are £15 per land at Gamston and more at other airports), pre and post-lesson briefings, hi-vis vest, free use of the luxurious "Kuki Pilot's Members Lounge" and refreshments for you and your family/colleagues.

If you have purchased one of our flight vouchers or are taking a trial lesson, the Kuki membership is NOT required.

- £250

Online membership form

Dual Instruction

Prices are per hour and include an instructor, pre and post flight briefing, fuel, landing fees and insurance.

  • Cessna 152 - £205
  • Robinson R22 Beta - £295
  • Robinson R44 Raven - £495
  • Bell 206 JetRanger - £695
  • MD500 - £695

Self-Fly Hire

Prices are per hour and include pre and post flight checks, fuel, landing fees and insurance.

  • Cessna 152 - £165
  • Robinson R22 Beta - £225
  • Robinson R44 Raven - £435
  • Bell 206 JetRanger - £550
  • MD500 - £550

Trial Lessons

  • Cessna 152 Plane - 15 minutes - £69
  • Cessna 152 Plane - 30 minutes - £115
  • Cessna 152 Plane - 60 minutes - £205
  • R22 Helicopter - 15 minutes - £105
  • R22 Helicopter - 30 minutes - £165
  • R22 Helicopter - 60 minutes - £300
  • R44 Helicopter - 15 minutes - £165
  • R44 Helicopter - 30 minutes - £280
  • R44 Helicopter - 60 minutes - £505

Flight Discovery Day

Our flight discovery day is a complete experience for anyone considering flying as a career choice or as a full introduction to all things flight training in planes or helicopters. Your day will include: a detailed a tour of the hangar; explanation of aircraft checks; pre and post-flight briefings; an intro to ground school lessons; visit to the control tower and, of course, TWO hours flying in your chosen aircraft, including taking control. You will also join the Kuki team for breakfast, lunch and refreshments through the day. The hours you fly will also count towards your required hours for a PPL or PPL(h). - £ from 395 - Please contact us

Hover Course

Master one of the most challenging aspects of helicopter flight. Includes pre and post flight briefings as well as two hours flying in a Robinson R22. - £645

Ground-School Days

We offer instruction in all ground subjects that are needed to obtain your PPL (A&H) licence. - £195

Type Conversions | Night/Instrument Ratings | AFI & CPL Courses

Our services cover everything Helicopter, including Assistant Flying Instructor and Modular Pilot Licence courses. For more details and pricing, just make contact. NB - All prices stated online are Exclusive of VAT at the prevailing rate.

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