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Our Kuki Discovery Day is perfect for anyone wanting to experience a more involved day of helicopter or airplane flying than one of our Trial Lesson options.

You will begin to grasp basics of flight and move on to understand the effects of the controls as you take charge of the aircraft for yourself.

Our approach is to provide you with a thorough understanding of the aircraft and how to manage the aircraft controls to gain the desired effect. We will also cover how to effect speed and power changes as well as an introduction to hovering for helicopters, which is of course an essential skill required to fly a helicopter.

Lastly, we will start to introduce you to autorotation, which is aircrafts equivalent of gliding. Your instructor will demonstrate how to control the helicopter or airplane and land safely without the use of engine power. Our aim here is to demonstrate how safe aircraft can be with or without power being applied as a normal flying procedure.

In our 20 years of training pilots, we have become skilled at balancing as much flying as possible on the day with the enjoyment of learning to fly.

Ground School is also an essential element of the PPL(H) and (A) syllabus and your day will also encompass some time with our Head of Ground School, providing you with a great introduction to this part of training and, importantly helping you realise that this part of training is far less demanding than most people expect.

Your Day Includes:

Your Day Includes:

  • At least 2 hours flying
  • An introduction to the helicopter or airplane cockpit & Instrument Panel
  • Full flight briefs and debriefs
  • A general introduction to ground school and the subjects covered
  • An initial listening introduction to radio calls whilst flying
  • A tour of our hangars and the various helicopters on our fleet
  • Full use of the Kuki VIP facilities
  • All insurances, fuel and fee’s

As the day completes, we will review all that you have experienced and learned and make sure you leave with a firm idea of what it feels like to pilot a helicopter or an airplane and what will be required should you decide to continue with flight training. The hours flown will be put in your logbook and therefore count towards the minimum 45 hours required to obtain your private pilots licence. Please enquire for customise costs of a Discovery Day or in other aircrafts in our fleet but not listed below.

Kuki Discovery Day Costs Start at:

Robinson R22 Beta ………£746 + vat

Robinson R44 Raven II…..£1,246 + vat

Learn to fly with Kuki

Our trial lessons are a great opportunity to get hands-on and fly a airplane