Private Pilot’s Licence

The PPL(H), is a CAA approved helicopter training course, which once complete and passed, allows you to pilot a helicopter. Your PPL(H) allows you to fly throughout the UK and Europe.

The minimum number of flight hours for the issue of PPL(H) is 45, of which 25 must be dual instruction and 10 solo.

Of the 10 hours solo, five are navigational training including a cross country exercise of at least 100 nautical miles landing away at two alternative airfields.

During your 45 hours training you will learn a variety of different air exercises. You will also take nine ground school examinations. Kuki has its own school where you will have one-to-one tuition to pass your ground examinations.

Once you have accomplished a competent level of flying, you will gain your PPL(H) after successful examination with our CAA approved examiner.

Kuki has a 100% pass rate for PPL(H) and has seen students go on to become professional pilots, instructors and examiners.

For more information about our courses, download our guide here:

Getting Started

  • Prices start from just £99 for a trial lesson.
  • Our Kuki Monthly Pilot Programme makes achieving your dream even more affordable.
  • No academic qualifications are required to start training.
  • We are a fully CAA approved flying school and all of our pilots are of course fully CAA approved also.
  • Dual instruction can begin at any age, although candidates must be 16 to fly solo and 17 for licence issue.
  • A class 2 medical is required, prior to flying solo. Kuki can arrange this, and help with any other requirements.
  • Full insurance is included.
  • Fuel and landing fee’s are also included.
  • We always have a pre-flight briefing over coffee and biscuits before and after flying.
  • Discounts are available for block bookings of lessons.
  • Have a look at our “Latest News” page to see more about “Kuki Life”, the things we get up to and more about pilots in training and recently qualified.
  • Our trial lessons are the perfect introduction to getting your PPL(H) and we would encourage you to take one if you are considering becoming a pilot.

We offer all aspects of helicopter pilot training. So, from never having sat in a helicopter or having any flying experience, we can take you from novice to private pilot.

Learn to fly with Kuki

Our trial lessons are a great opportunity to get hands-on and fly a helicopter