Your Future Career

Being a commercial helicopter pilot is one of the most rewarding and exciting career  paths you could take and opens up a world of different opportunity.

Whether you are thinking about a career as a helicopter pilot as an alternative to University or even a complete career change, we can provide a training course to fit with your time and budget. Contrary to what you might think or have been told, you don’t need a University course and you don’t need a degree !!

The first step to flying helicopters for a living is obtaining your Private Pilots Licence PPL(H). Once you have successful passed that it is all about putting in sufficient time (at least 155 hrs) to obtain a commercial licence, which is a necessity to allows anyone to be paid for flying helicopters.

You must then also pass the commercial written examinations, which we will help you with through to examination standard.

Kuki have almost 20 years experience in training private pilots. commercial pilots and instructors too. We can take any candidate through the whole of the flight training process, organise a payment plan (see The KMPP) and train you in all aspects required to complete all of the ground school exams.

From never having flown a helicopter to becoming a commercial pilot, Kuki can help your dream take flight.

Become a Pilot

Flying helicopters is an exceptionally rewarding career and there are many different applications in the UK and abroad where helicopters are used including:

      • Commercial Pilot
      • Flight Instructor
      • Air Ambulance Pilot
      • Flight Examiner
      • Flight Instructor Examiner

The Kuki Career Course can include:

      • Private Pilot Licence PPL(H)
      • Commercial Pilot Licence CPL(H)
      • Flight Instructor Licence FI(H)
      • PPL Ground School
      • CPL Ground School
      • Helicopter Type Ratings
      • Night Ratings
      • Instrument Ratings

If you would like to know more, come down any time, have an informal chat with any of our pilots and current students and see how Kuki can help you, literally, rise above the ordinary.

I took a degree and took a good job as an Engineer….until I realised there was more to life and a career doing something that I could love every day would be more fulfilling. Becoming a commercial pilot and flight instructor was the best decision I ever made – Matt Peach, Kuki Helicopter Commercial Pilot and Instructor

Learn to fly with Kuki

Our trial lessons are a great opportunity to get hands-on and fly a airplane