• A) The Director reserves the right to refuse applications or renewals of registration. It is a condition that all clients accept that the Director may cancel, without notice, any registration by refunding the balance of the annual fee/s paid.
  • B) I agree that neither I, nor my dependents, executors, heirs or administrators will make any claim against the Company (Kuki Helicopter Sales Limited), their respective agents or servants in respect of any losses or damage to property or injury arising and whether or not due to negligence, which I may suffer whilst I am a member of the club and I, so as to bind myself and my dependents, executors, heirs or administrators, hereby indemnify the Company, their respective agents and servants against any claims, which may be made by any third party against them, arising out of any act, neglect or default on my part or in connection with my involvements with the Company’s flying school, aircraft hire or training programme.
  • C) I agree that I am responsible to pay, within 14 days of request, any insurance excesses on aircraft that I have hired from the Company at a rate applicable at the time of request and to discharge all other indebtedness to the Company, without exception, on request. (At January 2017, insurance excess is £5000).
  • D) It is acknowledged that the provision of flying facilities, flying training, aircraft hire and ground training may be suspended, cancelled or terminated by factors not within the control of the Company and I accept that any expenses incurred as a result of cancellation of facilities whether within the control of the Company or not, will not entitle me to claim money, consequential loss or damages as a result. (The Company will endeavour to meet all time scales, bookings, etc and in the event of not being able to provide a particular service, will hold credit or make a refund of payment made in respect of that service.
  • E) I agree to only operate aircraft hired to me, within the privileges of my licence/ratings.
  • F) I agree to inform my personal insurance company of my flying activities (except in the case of trial lesson participants).
  • G) I agree to sign off the Pre and Post Flight Inspection Report for any helicopter hire I undertake as a pilot in command. Kuki Helicopters operates ‘Just Culture’ which I have been fully briefed on and will adhere to.h) The ATO Operations Manual has been made available to me and I have signed to confirm I have fully read and will keep updated with the latest revision.

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